Getting Started

Welcome to the ChilliConnect developer guide, an extensive set of documentation that contains everything you need to start using ChilliConnect in your games. If you are new to ChilliConnect, we recommend you Sign Up for a free 30 day trial - it takes just a minute. Our Set Up tutorial shows you how to create your first game and integrate with our SDK. From there, you can browse the rest of our features using the menu to the left.

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ChilliConnect is an all-in-one platform that provides you with everything you need to build, launch and operate a live game. To get you started, here are just some of the capabilities you can add to your game with ChilliConnect:

Virtual Goods and Currencies:

Describe your game Economy including Virtual Goods and Currencies in the Catalog. Can be used as Server or Client Authoritative.

Run A/B Tests:

Easily A/B Test any element of your game and instantly see how your changes affect KPIs. See our Gacha tutorial for an example.

Manage Player Accounts:

Create Support Scripts that allow you to easily manage and manipulate live Player accounts through the ChilliConnect dashboard.

Validate In App Purchases:

Use Real Money Purchases to implement IAP validation for Apple, Google and Amazon Kindle purchases and securely credit players.

Track KPIs:

Automatically record a range of core KPIs broken down by location, platform, device type and version with just a few lines of code.

Track Custom Events:

Record custom analytics events to track detailed player behaviour and visualise using Custom Charting.

Update Game Settings Live:

Store and update game settings and metadata using the Catalog, publish and version changes, download on demand or as a single package.

Player Messaging and Gifting:

Allow players to send messages and gifts to one another. Can also be used to implement Player to Player Challenges.

Cross Device Play:

Player Accounts in ChilliConnect can be linked to multiple external identifiers including Username, Email, Steam, Facebook and Google Play.

Cloud Save:

Store player progression in the Cloud using Player Data, allowing players to recover their progress on multiple devices or after an uninstall.

Offline Multiplayer:

Using Player Data to share data amongst players and "play" against offers while offline. Use Collections to maintain a searchable pool of available players.

Realtime Multiplayer:

Integrate with Photon to support realtime multiplayer, authenticate players with ChilliConnect and trigger Cloud Code scripts on Photon events.

Push Notifications:

Send segmented, targeted or batch Push Notifications for Google, Apple and Amazon Kindle. Programmaticly send from Cloud Code.


Implement global or social Leaderboards linked to Facebook Friends, ranked and in realtime.

Run Server Side Code:

Run your own server side logic using Cloud Code to implement secure authoritative versions of specific game functionality and simplify client code.

Distribute New Content:

Use the Catalog to store and version game content. Support for generic Zip Packages and Unreal Mobile Patches.

Access Raw Metrics Data:

Use our Data Exports to download your raw analytics data from our dashboard or subscribe to Data Warehousing for full query access.

Content Sharing:

Allow players to share and query content using Collections, built-in permissions model makes querying simple.