Getting Started

Admin API provides RESTful interfaces to common game configuration and operational functions similar to those found in the Dashboard. This allows integration with your own tools, speeding up the process of defining ChilliConnect data.

Getting Started

Registering an API User

In order to use the Admin API, an API user must be created. New API users are created in the Users page, which is in the top-left dashboard menu:

Admin API Users Menu

This page lists all Dashboard, and API Users for the ChilliConnect account. A new API User can be created on the API Users tab.

Admin API Add User Dialog

API Users are identified by their Token, and authenticated by their Secret. Once created a Token cannot be changed, but a Secret may be regenerated as often as is necessary. Previous secrets will no longer grant access to the API for the user.

A description can be given for an API User, and it is recommended to create separate users for different applications and different permission levels. Permissions for a user can be specified here, and operate the same as permissions for Dashboard Users - see User Permissions Guide for further details.

About API Users

You can see all of the created users in the Users page, under the API Users tab:

Admin API Users List

Each Admin API User has the following properties:

Field Description
Description Can be any information which better identifies the user for it's particular purpose.
Token Randomly generated string. Is the unique identifier for this user. Cannot be changed once created.
Secret Key Randomly generated string, used to authenticate the API User. Can only be viewed at creation, but can be re-generated at any time.
Role and Permissions User Permissions Guide
Last API Call The last time the API User made an API call.

Admin API User View

An API User's Description and Permissions can be modified. The Secret can be regenerated. Note old secrets will no longer be accepted as authentication.

Admin API Edit User

To begin making calls to the Admin API - see ChilliConnect Admin API Guide.