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ChilliConnect Leaderboards allow you to rank your players in real time and compare scores globally or with the players Facebook friends. Leaderboards are added through the Leaderboards page within the ChilliConnect dashboard.


For each Leaderboard, the following properties can be specified:

NameDescriptive name for the Leaderboard
KeyThe Key used to identify the Leaderboard in API calls from your game
DescriptionOptional detailed description for the Leaderboard
Ranking TypeThe order in which scores will be ranked, either from Highest to Lowest or from Lowest to Highest
Update TypeHow updates to the score will be treated. Highest Score will update the score if there is a new score submitted with a greater (or lesser depending on the Ranking Type) score. Latest Score will update scores based on timestamp. Any new score that is submitted is applied. Cumulative is a way to additively track scores. The new score is added to the old score in every update operation on this type.

Scores can be added to a leaderboard using the AddScore method. You can then retrieve a players score with GetPlayerScore, scores around the player with GetScoresAroundPlayer and scores for the players Facebook friends with GetScoresForFacebookFriends. For a complete list of Leaderboard functions available, see the Leaderboards module of the API.

Deleting Scores

To delete a score for the Leaderboard, click on the delete icon at the end of the row. Removing a score will reorder the Leaderboard table.