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The Messaging feature of ChilliConnect allows players to send messages to and receive messages from other players. Messages can contain a title, text and structured data. The Messaging feature is also closely integrated with the Economy feature, allowing optional Currency and Inventory Item rewards to be attached to messages and redeemed by players against their own account. This makes it extremely easy to implement gifting and related mechanics using ChilliConnect.

The Messaging feature is highly flexible and can be used to implement a number of use cases commonly found in games, including:

  • Energy Requests. Messaging can be used to allow players to compose simple text messages and send them to other players as well as attach optional Inventory Items and Currency. This can be used to implement a system allowing players to request and send in game Currency such as Energy to their friends.

  • Activity Feeds. Messages do not necessarily need to be sent from a player, they can also be sent from Cloud Code to any other player in the game. Messages can be used to create a social activity feed highlighting the progress and activities of other friends playing the game. Messages can also be set to expire automatically so that feeds are limited to a specific time window.

  • Live Ops. Messages can also be sent from the ChilliConnect dashboard directly to players. In this way messaging can be used for operational support purposes, such as providing extra currency and items to players and also for rewarding players based on promotions and competitions from other social channels.

Sending a Message

To send a message from your game, you can use either use the SendMessageFromPlayer method, to send a message from the currently logged in player, or the SendMessage method, to send a message from a different player or with a sender not specified.

Typically, when implementing player messaging as a feature within your game, you would use the SendMessageFromPlayer method as this automatically populates the From field for you and will deduct any sent Inventory Items or Currency from the sending players account.

The SendMessage method would normally be used from Cloud Code to implement system messages that are not sent from another player. For example, when implementing a feature like activity feeds, Messages can be used as a way to deliver updates to players but do not come from a specific player. Messages sent using the SendMessage method can also be used to send players Currency or Inventory Items that are not deducted from the sending players account. This can be useful if you are implementing a system that allows players to request Inventory Items or Currency, such as Energy, from their friends as "free" gifts.

By default, access to both of these methods is limited to Cloud Code only. To enable these methods to be called via the SDK you must update your games Access Control List from the Game view page



Each Message in ChilliConnect has an expiry time. By default, Messages will expire (be automatically deleted) 90 days after they were sent. The expiry time can be changed when sending the message.

Retrieving Messages

Messages sent to a player can be retrieved using the GetMessages method. By default, returned messages will only contain their Title, with Text, Data and Rewards properties available for an individual message through the GetMessage method.

Each Message has a Read status that indicates if the player has received the message. Messages can be marked as read by calling the GetMessage or MarkMessageAsRead method with a specific MessageID. The GetMessages method can also be called with a specific parameter to automatically mark messages as read when returned to the game.

Retrieved messages can be filtered by a number of criteria, including by Tag. Message Tags can be used to categorise and seperate message feeds in to distinct groups, making it easier to manage multiple message views from your game. For example, you could use a specific Tag to differentiate system level messages not visible to the player from direct messages received from other players.


The RedeemMessageRewards method can be used by the receiving to player to apply any Currency and Inventory Item rewards from a Message to their account. In the case of Inventory Items, any items sent from another player will have their InstanceData retained but will be assigned a new ItemID.


The Player Account view in the ChilliConnect dashboard can be used to view all currently stored messages for a given player.


Each individual message can be selected to view additional details. Messages can be sent to players from the account view using the "Send" button in the top right of the screen. Messages sent from the dashboard will have the From property set as null with any specified rewards being provided to the player for free.