Player Management

You can find specific player accounts and manage players using the ChilliConnect Dashboard.

Searching for Players

It's possible to search for players using the Search function in the ChilliConnect dashboard by specifying one of ChilliConnectID, Username, Email, Facebook ID or Facebook Name.


Running Support Scripts

Support scripts enable you to interact with the player account. Available published scripts can be selected from the drop down in the top-right section of the page.


In the Run Support Script Dialog, you can provide parameters for the Script. Make sure that you provide parameters marked as required. When running Support Scripts from the Player view, the published version will be executed against the currently viewed player.


When the script is executed successfully, the dialog will display the generated Response and the Logs.


For details on creating, editing and testing support scripts, see the Cloud Code Documentation.

Deleting Players

To delete a player, click on the delete icon, in the top-right corner of the Player Details View


Deleting the player removes their login information of the player instantly; however their ChilliConnectID may still appear in the Players List View for a short time. The ChilliConnectID of the deleted player will also appear in other items they have created including sent messages, Leaderboard scores, In-App Purchases, AB Tests and Match Details.

If the player is logged in, they will remain logged in until the session expires, but they will not be able to login again.